Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A happy beginning

The Nightmare Before Christmas Dress
My Nightmare Before Christmas Dress

Nightmare Before Christmas Dress!

Well this is my first blog post and what better way to start than by announcing something big; I won second place in a contest on the beloved site Pattern Review! You can view my entry and their lovely article by clicking here. The competition was awfully close, I had some great competitors. To give a brief run down, I created a Nightmare Before Christmas dress from scratch  {photo above - minus the leather cincher}. I had a bunch of pinstripe fabric in my organizer that was just dying to be something. It was such a bold and striking pinstripe, however, I couldn't imagine what I'd use it for. It wasn't until this contest popped up that I became inspired, and The Nightmare Before Christmas Dress was born!

What a lovely notion, sewing something from the movies. Isn't that where we all fell in love with fashion? The movies? After all, we recall vintage films for their Hollywood glamour. I had strongly considered sewing a vintage garment for the contest but I sew vintage normally and I didn't feel I was challenging myself enough. I mean, what's the point of entering a contest if you aren't challenging yourself?

I believe it is important to challenge oneself because it improves your skill set. That's why I try to sew a variety of different things. Over the years I have accumulated vintage patterns, spanning across the 1940's to the 1990's. There are dress patterns, pajama patterns, sports separates and suiting patterns. There is enough to build me a wardrobe twice over (and the same can be said about my fabric stash). The reason that I began this blog was to chronicle my sewing projects. However, I decided that just wasn't good enough. I not only want to share my sewing experiences and pattern reviews, but provide a resource to readers. I want to help people who are like me, self-taught sewers who may not do everything "by the book". You can learn from my mistakes! But also, I want to inspire you.

My background is primarily art. I have worked in design and social media, but I have always considered myself to be "artistic". I loved acting, writing, music and drawing when I was a child. More recently I've fallen for film making. You could say my creative juices are overflowing! I have my hand in many projects at a time, and much of it influences what I do in my sewing. I find myself cross-referencing my other projects often. You may notice this in future posts. :)

I hope to share many of my creative sewing experiences with you in the future. I also look forward to meeting other seamstresses and learning from them, so please feel free to contact me!

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